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If throughout time the youth of the nation accept the challenge the mountains offer, they will keep alive in our people the spirit of adventure. That spirit is a measure of the vitality of both nations and men. A people who climb the ridges and sleep under the stars in high mountain meadows, who enter the forest and scale peaks . . . these people will give their country some of the indomitable spirit of the mountains.--W. O. DOUGLAS

Deep Woods Camp Philosophy

DEEP WOODS CAMP for Boys was founded on the belief that summer camp should be a valuable and meaningful experience in the growth of a boy. The DEEP WOODS environment is one where free time is there for the taking--where time to ponder is not crowded by a regimented program--where schedule is determined mainly by the sun.

At DEEP WOODS we believe that a camp should provide an opportunity for a boy:

Choosing the Right Camp

Choice of a summer camp for your son should involve decisions on several levels in order to ensure a suitable match between boy and camp. Worthy of serious consideration are the reputation of the camp and its director, the director's experience and age, the camp size, the camp philosophy, the qualifications and ages of the staff members, the length and cost of the camp sessions, the facilities, the activity level and the program specialization. DEEP WOODS operates a very active program that is not suited to overweight boys. Our specialization in a total wilderness adventure program means there are no in-camp alternatives. Applicants should want to come to DEEP WOODS, should be open to challenges and should have interest in outdoor activities. DEEP WOODS is not a treatment program. We will not accept any boy who has a "boot camp" experience in his past, or who needs such an experience. We will also not accept any boy who has a drug, alcohol or tobacco habit.

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